ask-juggeranut asked: How do I get senpai to notice me

I really wish I knew

I drew some demon girls in lingerie last night and I’ve never regretted anything this little

sneak peek

I haven’t been painting much so I just did a quick warmup and Phoebe's Shepard ended up as my guineapig oops

I was gonna draw a dude

but then I realized I don’t know how

I am so terrible at traditional painting as I never do it but

I tried.

I need more fierce venge

venge ripping people apart

venge not giving a shit about anything but revenge

venge beating up dragonus because she sees him as a traitor

all of which is actually canon venge but I only see cute stuff of her sigh

Commission stuff, the original piece is merely suggestive, but still cropped to keep things fully sfw.

gorgeous bird wife