Terrible picture taken in a hurry buuut I painted a Rapunzel for Aleksi’s half sister’s birthday as she is her favorite princess. I still don’t really know how I feel about this but at least she seemed to like it.


I finally made a page for my photography! I would so appreciate any likes or shares from you guys. My ultimate dream is making a living from concert photography and every little thing that gets my name out there is a step towards that dream. If you’re a local band in the Phoenix area, don’t hesitate to contact me if you like what you see!

Yo check out my friend’s photography (and hire her if you’re in AZ)

I also made James a new Steam icon and he made me upload it

I got a bunch of nice messages regarding the last post, and it’s nice to know there are people who are looking forward to my posts. Here’s a space goat for you guys to prove that I’m trying to kick art block’s (and in the long run, depressions) butt. 

I’m sorry I don’t really update this blog

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Aleksi got a kitty cat! He’s a quick little thing and was hiding in a bush, only to do sneak attacks on other cats, soooo… Meet Riki.

Anonymous asked: Am i real?



I drew some demon girls in lingerie last night and I’ve never regretted anything this little

dang this is the most notes I have ever gotten on non-fanart I’m pretty sure??




I’m opening another round of commissions.


$10 single / $15 pair

-Full Body

$15 single /$20 pair

Please message me if you wish to commission me you can either pm or send me an email.


Help me spread the word please <3

Any reblogs count ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Second demon girl I drew the other night. I don’t care for my traditional sketches, but I think the design ended up pretty neat. Might just draw some more of her later.